Kamla Nagar Food Tour

Kamla Nagar Food Tour

Chola Bhatura at Chachas Chola Bhatura at Chachas © Delhi Food Adventure 2012

One of the major shopping centres in Delhi, Kamla Nagar boasts of rich tradition and is a culture in itself. Surrounded by Delhi University, the place has a feel of itself. During the mornings the place is buzzing with the youngsters from various colleges and scene changes completely in evenings when residents from surrounding localities come here to shop. The market hosts outlets of most of the popular apparel brands and also some real spicy street food, and we have come up with a food walk to taste the best that is on offer! The route starts from Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station on Yellow Line. From here, the Kamla Nagar market is about 2 km and autorickshaw would be your best option:

  • Chache Di Hatti: Take a rickshaw and ask the driver to take you to the most famous eating joint in Kamla Nagar. The place serves the Best Chole Bhature in City. Chacha winds up everything by 2-2:30 pm so make sure you reach well in time and be prepared to stand in the long queue no matter what the season is - winter, summer or rainy.
  • Vaishnav Ki Chaat: The second generation is currently running this chaat papdi outlet but the taste still remains the same. Try amazing golgappas (water balls) and the bhalla-papdi chaat
  • Bille Di Hatti: If you like Lassi - then THIS IS IT! Billa has the BEST lassi out there in Delhi. You can also try out the Poori Sabzi. Caution advised, full glass of Lassi and a plate of Poori Chole is enough for a meal (for most people).
  • BTW (Bittoo Tikki Wala): Few years back Bittoo used to sell tikkis as a hawker but the sheer taste and quality of his product made him popular and a successful businessman. He now owns many outlets across Delhi and one of them being in Kamla Nagar. They serves the crispiest Tikki you can ever have. Also try the stick Kulfi.
  • Gopal: Fried Breads are a hit in North India and Kamla Nagar offers a variety of these. After having tried Chole Bhature (at Chahce di Hatti) and Poori Sabzi (at Bille Di Hatti) you can try its another form called Bedmi Poori.
  • Brijwasi: The to go sweet shop in Kamla Nagar. The shop offers various sweets but you have to try out Rabdi in Kullads (earthern pots) and Rasgulla. Refreshing Center: The milk shop once very famous for Milk Bottles but now loosing out to shakes from various fast food joints. Try Badam (Almond) Milk or Kesar Pista (Saffron ) Milk.
  • Manohar Bikaneri: Situated at just beneath the famous Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower), this shops sells the most soft Dhokla (a Gujrati snack) that you can ever get.

Take a rickshaw from this place to Pul Bangash Metro Station on red Line.

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